GRP Grating Systems Manufacturers

Satyam India is the leader in GRP grating manufacturing industry offer wide range of products to its clients at very affordable prices. The GRP grating systems prepared with us have so many advantages over steel gratings that were manufactured in past.

Some of the highlights of our GRP grating systems include – Fire retardant, light in weight, impact resistant, slip resistant, and corrosion resistant etc. Our products can be availed in almost all colors, shapes, sizes etc without compromising on quality parameters. We also offer custom solutions that suit your industry the most.

Why To Choose Satyam India GRP Manufacturers?

With passage of time, Satyam India has become most reputed name in GRP grating industry. Our products are also tested under different conditions to assure optimum performance always. It has plenty of benefits over traditional steel. Let us see the highlights –

    • When you are deciding flooring or gratings for your home then slip resistant is primary concern to focus on. The top surface of our grating is anti skid surface that makes it slip resistant.
    • The energy absorbent capacity of our gratings is very high that makes it long lasting product without causing any damage or flaws.
    • Our gratings are also very light in light so they can be installed quickly. It is also easy to handle and transport our GRP grating as well.
    • Our gratings are coated with vinyl resin system so that it can resist fire or unwanted smoke.

This incredible material has many advantages over other conventional Metals.

The main advantages are :
Corrosion Resistant Long Life in harsh environment, zero maintenance
High Strength Can replace conventional materials
Non-Conductive Thermally energy saving
Electrically Insulating Very Safe as per IS 10192
Electromagnetic Transparency Excellent for Wireless Communication Technology
Lightweight Weighs 70% less than Steel, Ease in handling
Easy to fabricate and install Saves time
Dimensional Stability No additional stresses induced
Fire Retardant As per IS-6746 / ASTM E-84
Weather Resistant Ultraviolet rays resistant

The benefits of our grating systems don’t end here. To know more on our GRP grating systems, kindly contact us now.