Cable and Fiberglass Trays Manufacturers

Cable and Fiberglass Trays

Having more than two decades of experience in grating industry our fiberglass cable trays are suitable to work along harsh environment of oil industry and gas industry. The loading capacity of our cable tray is almost equal to steel gratings and they are also available in custom specifications based on clients’ demands.

Reputed Cable Tray Manufacturers Across India

Some of the highlighting features of our cable trays include – highly corrosion resistant, Pultrusion technology, non magnetic and non conductive in nature. Our fiberglass cable trays are shock proof and completely transparent to radio waves, micro waves and radar.

Further, our fiberglass cable trays are available in two popular resin systems – Polyester resin system and Vinyl ester resin system. Both have different level of protection system and corrosion resistivity.

    • Polyester is an excellent isophthalic resin system that offers maximum protection against corrosion. It is available in multiple colors like grey, green, yellow, etc.
    • Vinyl ester is chemical based resin system that offers remarkable protection against corrosion. It is available in multiple colors like grey, orange, yellow, etc.

During finishing stage, surface veil is applied over cable trays by Cable tray manufacturers in order to protect them from ultraviolet radiation. Our cable trays are light in weight and they can be installed quickly. When compared to steel trays, their weight is almost one third and it can be handled quickly.

Due to light weight in nature, lifting accidents have also been reduced significantly and they can be easily transported from one place to other. Additional benefits are reduced storage costs and reduced transportation costs etc.

Construction of Ladder Cable Trays

    • Side Runner Channel :
      We are using ‘C’ section of 75mm, 100mmm & 150mm as a side rail of Ladder Cable Tray according to sizes of the cable trays & customer’s requirement.
    • Rung :
      We are using a Lift channel section of 45 x 20 mm as a rung support of the cable tray. Rung is fastened by means of SS 316 Hardware with Epoxy Sealing to the side runner channel of the cable tray. This Design gives the high strength to the cable tray & able to carry the maximum load as per the standard.

Design Specifications

Our Design of Cable Tray meets the requirement of NEMA (National Electric Manufacturers Association) FG1-1993 Standard & EIL (Engineers India Ltd.) EIL - OED - S - 422 Rev-4Standards.


Size of Ladder Tray Standard Design
  Side Runner Channel Rung Spacing
150 mm Wide 75 mm/ 100 mm 300mm
300mm Wide 75 mm/ 100 mm 300mm
450mm Wide 100 mm 300mm
600mm Wide 100 mm 300mm
750mm Wide 150mm 300mm
900mm Wide 150mm 300mm

Available Accessories for the Ladder Tray:

The below mentioned Prefabricated Accessories are available in all width sizes & are fabricated by means of SS Hardware.

Our Standard radius for the accessories is 300mm & can be supplied upto 1000mm radius as per customer’s requirement.

    • 45* Horizontal Bend,
    • 45* Vertical Inside Bend,
    • 45* Vertical Outside Bend,
    • 90* Horizontal Bend,
    • 90* Vertical Inside Bend,
    • 90* Vertical Outside Bend,
    • Straight Reducer,
    • Left Hand Reducer,
    • Right Hand Reducer,
    • Horizontal Radius Equal TEE,
    • Horizontal Radius Unequal TEE


All the Cable trays are available in Polyester as well as Vinylester Resin system.