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Our FRP gratings are single piece molded composites available in different sizes and specifications. They can also be fabricated into customized panels and easy to install as well. The FRP composites are available in square patterns with maximum load carrying capacity. The load is evenly distributed over grating and supported by favorable structure always.

Our FRP composites are designed in such way that debris always falls through. For the industries using chemicals in wide range, Our FRP gratings offer maximum protection against corrosion. The layers are fixed in continuous structure to give maximum corrosion resistance and rigidity.

Few Quality Parameters Offered By Us As Reputed FRP Grating Manufacturers and Exporters

    • High Tensile Strength
    • Durable And Efficient
    • Light in Weight
    • UV Stable and Many Others

FRP Grating Manufactures Offer Budget Solutions As Per Your Specifications

Every time you choose gratings for walkway or floorings then please focus on the fact that it should be slip resistant always. We are the reputed FRP manufactures offer gratings with antiskid surface so that slip resistivity could be optimized always. Based on the client needs, we also offer customized gratings in plain surface.

FRP Composites Manufacturers Offer Custom Solutions To Clients Based On Their Specifications

Fostered by deep technical knowledge and wide industry experience, we have evolved as trailblazing FRP grating manufactures across India highly popular for selling quality FRP gratings and FRP composites at very affordable prices. Our wide range of products is highly durable and efficient can be availed in custom solutions as well.


Material of Grating Antistatic & ultraviolet resistant FRP
Manufacturing Process Pultrusion using automated Pultrusion machines
Glass content in cable trays 65 to 70%
Mechanical Strength As per ASTM Standard
Resin to be used Ultra violet resistant polyester resin
Gating Size As per Customer’s requirement
Bearing Bar Pultruded FRP I- Section of 25mm or 40mm
Tie Rod Size Pultruded Rod Section of 10 or 12mm Dia.
Grating Size As per Customer’s requirement
Spacing of Bearing Bar 25 mm
Spacing of Tie Rod 125mm
Permissible deflection under test Shall not exceed 15mm

To know more on to available sizes and specifications for FRP gratings and FRP composites and other types as well, contact our manufacturing team right now.

Material of Grating Antistatic & ultraviolet resistant FRP
Manufacturing Process Molding Process
Glass content 30 to 35%
Resin to be used Fire Retardant Grade & Ultra violet Stabilized Polyester Isopathelic Resin/Vinylester Resin
Gating Size (Outer) As per Customer’s requirement
Mesh Size Square Mesh of Size 1.5” x 1.5”
Rib Thickness 5 to 7mm
HeightActual SizeWeight kg/m2Open AreaLoading
25 mm1220 mm x 4000 mm12.168%450 Kg/SQM
30 mm1220 mm x 4000 mm13.6568%500 Kg/SQM
38 mm1220 mm x 3660 mm
1007 mm x 4047 mm
18.6568%750 Kg/SQM
Colour Light Grey/Yellow/or as per your requirement
Top Surface 1. 3 mm Top Chequered Plate
2. Grit Top Grating
3. Open Type or Meniscus Type

FRP / GRP Cable Tray