FRP / GRP Cable Tray

Satyam is the leading manufacturer in the field of Composites in India. The organization conveys standard just as modified arrangements that are perfect substitutions for regular materials especially those inclined to corrosion. The State-of the-Art facility located near Vadodara in the Western Part of India, gives excellent built propelled composite arrangements, following client specifications as per national and global norms

SATYAM FRP/GRP Poles are Hi-Tech and Innovative. These FRP/GRP Poles offer modern solution to traditional Problems. SATYAM FRP/GRP POLES are well suited for locations where conventional materials struggle to tender a definite and permanent solution

Manufactured by Unique Centrifugal Casting Method, SATYAM FRP/GRP Poles are used in places where other pole material face serious problem such as coastal areas and areas with high temperature fluctuation

FRP / GRP Cable Tray


    • High corrosion resistance
    • Safe in Accident Cases
    • Light Weight. Almost 1/3rd to that of Steel and other conventional material.
    • No Installation Equipments Required
    • No Periodical Painting Means Fit & Forget
    • Fast and Easy Installation
    • Electrically Non Conductive
    • Can Withstand Wind Speed up to 180 Km / Hr


    • Road Lighting
    • Street Lighting
    • Airport Areas
    • Advertising Poles
    • Solar Lighting
    • Park Lighting
    • Flag Poles
    • Malls & Multiplexes Lighting
    • Defense Areas
    • Plants & Industries Lighting

Today, customers are focused more on quality than prices. This is the reason why they prefer Satyam India where quality range of FRP/GRP poles are available at most affordable prices. Our wide experience and deep domain knowledge enable us to deliver customized product range based on your needs and specifications.


    • Low cost
    • Ease of Installation
    • Higher Safety
    • Environment Friendly
    • Non-corrosive
    • Maintenance Free
    • Lightweight
    • Non-Conductive
    • Longevity
    • High Impact Strength
    • UV Resistant
    • Resistant to Deflection & Bending
    • Resistant to Vibration
    • Easily Drilled
    • Resistant to Micro-Organisms of Ground
    • Resistant to Saline Moisture in Costal areas
    • Resistant to Great Temperature Fluctuation

Technical Specifications

  Glass Content   45 - 55 %   ASTM D 2584
  Water Absorption   < 0.5%   ASTM D 570
  Tensile Strength   200 +/- 50 MPa   ASTM D 638
  Flexural Strength   250 +/-50 MPa   ASTM D 790
  Compressive Strength   200 +/- 50 MPa   ASTM D 695
  Yield Strength   250 +/-50 MPa   ASTM D 638
  Modulus of Elasticity   1500 Mpa/2500 Mpa   ASTM D 638

FRP / GRP Cable Tray