Superior Quality Molded Gratings

Molded gratings are good for preventing corrosion and offer maximum strength, safety, long shelf life. These are generally light in weight and designed to meet international quality standards.

Molded fiberglass gratings had several advantages over steel gratings in terms of performance and cost efficiency. With a good strength to weight ratio, molded gratings are easy to handle as compared to other similar products. At Satyam India, we do offer best stocking facility as per general industrial needs.

Further, our molded gratings are available in two popular resin systems – Polyester resin system and Vinyl ester resin system. Both have different level of protection system and corrosion resistivity.

    • Polyester is an excellent isophthalic resin system that offers maximum protection against corrosion. It is available in multiple colors like grey, green, yellow, etc.
    • Vinyl ester is chemical based resin system that offers remarkable protection against corrosion. It is available in multiple colors like grey, orange, yellow, etc.

What Are The Features?

    • Long Shelf Life And Highly Durable
    • Remarkable Surface Finishing
    • Quality and Efficiency
    • Light in Weight
    • Corrosion Resistant
    • UV Stable and Highly Competitive

Budget Friendly

Every time when you are planning to buy molded gratings, it is necessary to focus on budget and quality both. We at Satyam India offer affordable range of gratings with assured quality.

Are you curious to know which grating system suits you best? If yes, contact expert team at Satyam India and get detailed specification of product that fits to your industry the most.

Let us discuss on some of molded gratings products available with us in brief one by one :

Chemical Storage Tanks (Capacity: 0.5 KL to 20 KL)

Chemical Storage TanksChemical storage tanks manufactured at Satyam India are suitable to store highly corrosive material like H2SO4, HCL etc. Its capacity ranges from 0.5 KL to 20 KL. The Tanks are designed as per BS 476 Standard. The nozzle orientation & provision of Man-Holes are also designed as per Customer's Requirement.

FRP Motor Canopy (According to Frame Sizes)

FRP Motor Canopy'SATYAM' Make FRP Canopies gives the Maximum Protection from the chemicals, water & other Liquids in Plant. Due to its UV properties it gives also long life in contact with direct sunrays for a long time. One or Two Handles & the Angle Leg of FRP Material facilitate the easy handling & Fixing of Canopy. The canopies are designed as per the Frame size of the motor.
The canopies are designed as per the Frame size of the motor.


FRP STRUCTURAL SECTION'SATYAM' Make FRP Structural Sections are made from automatic Pultrusion process & it gives the enough support to heavy structure & platforms of rectifier & other Equipments. 'SATYAM' also approved from M/s. UHDE INDIA LTD. for Supply of FRP Structural Sections. Due to its corrosion resistance properties it is best suitable for Chemical Plants or in corrosive atmosphere. 'SATYAM' also provide the Heavy Channel, Angle & H-Section for supporting the heavy structure.


FRP TRANSMITTER CANOPY / FRP JUNCTION BOX'SATYAM' Make FRP Transmitter Canopy holds the canopy & gives the protection from Dust, Chemicals & Rain Water. It is also provided with Pole mounting arrangement to fix the canopy easily on pole.